Friday, March 4, 2011

Peacocks in Houston

Late December, 2010 Robert and I were driving

Around, can’t remember where we went that day…

I think to Texas Art Supply…but anyway he started

driving toward a neighborhood in Memorial and

I instantly knew what he was going to show me.

I remembered he had come home from work very

recently and told me there were Peacocks running

wild on this street…(lol)…but I saw them. There

were quite a good amount of them. The male is

the one that has the beautiful wing span. I was

really in shock to see them just roaming the street.

When I looked in Google, it brought up an article

From April 23, 2008. Someone called animal

control to complain. Residents report the birds

have been in the neighborhood for about 30 years,

and many residents enjoy them. Some residents

blocked animal control from taking the birds.

I guess the neighbors won…the Peacocks are

still on Whitewing Lane, off Memorial.

Peacocks are not common to this area. Their

Usual habitat is Rebublic of India and Asian

Countries. They live in open fields and also

The rainforest. They stay in groups, called

PARTIES (lol).

They are ground feeders, so they eats bugs

And that stuff.

Males have a harem of 2-5 Peahens (female

Peacocks) and lay 3 to 5 eggs. The eggs hatch

In 28 days, with the chicks eating and walking

In hours. They can fly at 1 week .They live 20

years in the wild, and 40 in captivity..

And just as an added tale, the pretty ones

are the males!

Tomorrow night I will post the layout that goes with this, but it is quite an interesting story.

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