Monday, February 28, 2011

Its getting to be spring

I am working on a Spring 6x6 book for a swap thru Bellas Creations, Sisterhood group. I have been so busy with teaching and doing my sample for the pre schools that I have hardly had time to do scrapbooking.

Cutter made his first little piece the other day...I forgot to take a picture of it! I take pictures of everything...just forgot.

I have made a mini-mini album that is about 2 inch square. I will post that tomorrow.

for now

Luv ya


and a special hug to Linda and Marcia

Friday, February 25, 2011

As posted on Buckaroo

Instructions for m yWild Buckaroo
Hi guys..glad to be featured. It is an honor.
To make this amazing piece, with WildBill paper from the Deadwood Collection which just came out this month...very Rodeo friendly. I took the paper and took the Digital version of the Wild West Stamps # CD15 which I had print in the 8.10 version and ran WildBill thru the printer to get the Stamp to print on it. Then I mounted this sheet on a cardstock sheet which had a gold/brown color. From here I mounted this on watercolor sheet, with about one inch border showing, and on this one inch section I used Acrilic Daubers and actually just dabbbed the colors on the, brown, and gold, then Daubed the edges with clear embossing ink, and used Bronze Utee embossing powder, heated in the usual way. The small frame was cut from Cricut Wild West from Basic Grey paper. The Wild West frame was further enhanced with coffee color nailhead hotfix gems.
The boots were also made from the new stamp set, digitally run off and painted brown and embossed with Black enamel. I added a square of the Basic Grey behind it, and a Tim Holtz ticket.
The bottom edge is the Gecko Galz star border stamp, stamped in clear embossing ink, and also embossed with Bronze Utee, then cut out and adhered with pop dots.
The Verbage was cut from the same Cricut Wild West, painted again with the same Daubers. It was mounted so that the letters are about a half inch above the top edge of the canvas.
The whole set of papers was again glued to a Canvas board for stability, and the edges were wrapped with a jute twine, knotted and secured in the back.
Last thing added was a frame stand which I purchased in bulk from Texas Art Supply.
Please feel free to comment or if you need clarification, please ask.
Luv ya

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It is almost 3 AM again and I already am up. I just pop up and want to do something, thou I am tired. So, let me share this funny story. My husband really likes the Curio and he wants me to start collecting miniatures of all sorts of things so I can make Curios for Christmas, but not 2011, for 2012! He knows they are time consuming and the pieces need to have meaning, so that is why the target goal is 2012. Ok, I usually do make alot of gifts, but this is asking alot. He doesn't understand...but why argue, it will give me almost 2 years of excuses...I can't cook tonight...I am working on the Curio for Aunt Betty. Sorry honey.....can you do the wash, Im very I need to actually search for stuff, that is not easy either because it really has to be small, dollhouse size but the pieces need to have some kind of personal meaning......thats even harder.....hunny can you vacuum so I can find little things with meaning!
I want to make one for Cuter now but he doesn't understand that I know it is not a toy...he doesn't think Cutter will either...I said it is going on his wall...Robert said a US map should go on Cutters wall.

I am sure I will make a Curio for Cutters room now, but it will still give me almost 2 years of excuses...hmmm..heee heee...think I can get away with a maid! Yes dear, if I am devoting my time to searching for the rigth miniatures, there will be no time for dusting,,,,arm over head, sort of a fainting life is rough dear, I am working!

Luv ya

Sherri husband is great and he will really pitch in to help, he always has. He loves when I put my love into him that is what tradition is all about, and for most of our years together, I have made things for all the family. I am thinking we will be having a wedding in the very near future for our daughter, so in addition I will need to make her a wedding album. I am still working on the album for baby Sierra...the album pages are finished, just need her pictures...she only was born in August, my sweet little baby girl!
Luv ya twice

Monday, February 21, 2011

Curio is done!

Ok, yall...I finally finished. I remade it the inside atleast three times. My final opinion on making the boxes...

  1. Paint the sides of the box inside first

  2. Place your paper on the back wall next

  3. After you have tissue taped the boxes, then put in floor paper, and if you want ink the front edge

  4. Don't forget that the back legs atleast can't be put on until the end! (eeee...guess how I found that out!)

  5. It was driving me crazy where the frame tissue tape met the frame paper and I had to trim it with a ribbon. You could use paper, or even use paper that you have border punched.

  6. I did alot of adhere items with hot glue.

  7. I made things angled with folded scrapes of paper.

  8. Really think outside the box...I have a close up of one piece that I especially was a small oblong kind of like a tray for a necklace...probably the inside area is almost 1 inch by maybe 2.5 inches..I cut off the bail with a Tim Holtz scissor and was just going to use a strip of paper in the inside, but I had a kind of Gibson girl sticker, and put it on the area and trimmed with a craft knife.

  9. I also wanted to give a bit of unisome and painted everything with a wipe of gold acrilic paint...the cheap kind, or a Dauber.

Please ask any questions...we all learn that way1

Luv ya


Auroras birthday

Bet you can t guess whos birthday I am going to scrap next...Aurora...she just turned three! There were so many adorable faces, it is going to be hard! Aurora is in purple, Olivia is in pink, and baby has the cute denim y grandbabies!

Can't sleep...nohing unusual but decided to just say hi. Hope you are all nice and comfy. Going to try again.

Luv ya


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unfinished Configuration box

I am not finished with my configuration project. It took me all day to remake the back, and decide what to put in it. Tomorrow I will take it apart, paint the sides of the box, put on the legs and curio knob. I already have preped to make my next one of my late Mother in laws sewing things...still in her machine. Will repost the first one after it is fully dresses.

Luv ya


Sunday, sunday

On Saturday a whole car full of us drove to Gonzales, Texas and we had a wonderful day of learning. The store owner Pam was very gracious...the store is named Craft Crossing a little store she has everything you can imagine. It was atleast 2.5 hours from Katy, but I am planning on making a girls day out and it was worth going there again. Everyone was so nice, and it would be fun to explore the store. We made a beautiful layout, and began work on Tim Holtz Configurations, Pam has everything you need!1 I remade my box in the middle of the night so I will post some pictures latter.

Our wonderful, funny and as sweet as pie was Rosalie and her daughter Kelly owns the scrapbook store in Columbus. Also, a wonderful place. Roselie opened the store on our way home for me to buy some more things...these little stores in the country get the inventory before the big stores.So, Im in hog heaven. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STORES...they are the ones with the knowlwdge and your friends.

Looks like I will be makinf=g the boxes until Tim Holtz runs out of them...just found my mother in law Gloria Jeans sewing items...never knew this wonderful lady but I plan to honor her with a special collage box.

Robert..its happening again...need more wall space this time..its for your familys you think 4500 square feet out to do it this time? I promise you a closet for your bowling balls....can we move again, it is a good cause...I'm for serious!!!!

On the agenda....girls day out and Configurations at my house.....we are also making baby James Raleigh a box to honor his name sake Mr. James Raleigh Goad

Luv ya

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, figures it out...hopefully each day gets easier!

Have a wonderful day1
Luv ya

This is confusing...stay with me
Ok, so it is Friday...Yah day. I am going to show you my kittle dancers...they are for a birthday party. I am still new at this so if it doesn t work, I will try again in the afternoon. Hey, this is a learning oricess!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok, so nowit is mid February and we are just getting over the cold. All sorts of spring designs are coming out and our plants are all dead. How can we be excited!

Record all the changes with your scrapbooking. Soon the hot sun will turn those dead heqps in the ground back into pretty mounds of flower...or so we hope...that is the only living thing that cn die and come back!

Get out the camera and start taking pictures to record the will be the next few weeks and things will look up.

I am going to a class this week end and we will be working on Tim Holtz

configurations...I am really excited about this adorable shadow boxes. Then you are all invited to my house to make one!

How much fun is that going to be!!

Luv ya


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ok, today is really cold and not a typical Houston day. I am still learning about this blog stuff, but I do want to keep you coming back...I m experimenting, so please tune in again.

Stay warm and safe!
Want to learn to make this
Then you better tune in Thursday.....its getting better
Luv ya,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cutters gazette

Ok,today I did my DBA so I am an official company.cutters gazette