Friday, July 13, 2012

Crochet wire bracelet

This is for my group of sisters/sister in law that were so charming and had so much fun taking my necklace are the instructions

Keep the wire on spool and unwind approximately 10".
String approximately 10-12 beads onto the wire.
Make a simple loop in the wire, leaving a tail of about 4".
Holding the tail of the wire in the same hand as your crochet needle, carefully slide the needle through the center of the loop.
Working loosely with each wire pull, wrap the long end of the wire over the crochet then pull through the loop. Repeat this step until you have four loops.
Pull a bead from the spool until it is right next to the crochet hook, bring wire up and over the crochet hook, catch it in the hook and pull it through the loop, trapping the bead inside the stitch. Repeat until all beads are used.
Create four more loops on the end.
Cut wire from spool, leaving a tail of about 4".
Repeat steps two more times, so that you have a total of three beaded wire crochet strands.

Remember that instead of using a jump ring, finish your bracelet as you do the necklace and I think it will be more secure that way!
Using a jump ring, insert the ends of all three strands together. Repeat on other side.
Add a loop and toggle to complete your bracelet.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Crochet wire necklace class

This is the Crochet Wire Necklace.  We just started to sell the ARTISTIC WIRE, and you get the roll in 26g.  You need a crochet hook and I use the copper or green.  My teachers guide says I or J.  They are in sewing section.  We will make 3 rows,if you are fast you can make 4 rows, so each row will have 25 to 30 beads, you can use the chunky ones like this necklace, or crystals.  The instructions says 4 or 6 mm bicones, and assorted pearls. It is  also nice regardless of what you use but to have 2 crystals for the end.  You also need a toggle closure.  If you have a fork that you don't use, metal, it works great at the end.  If you have a wire cutter, bead board and round nose plyer, they are also needed, but can use mine if you don't have.

Please check the counts on your beads, you n total need about 120, so if you pick up some crystals that have 15 count, you need 2 packages to make the row, and so on.

Thank you

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beachy Kids

Hi y'all.  Funny thing happened when I was checking to see if my projects for Gecko Galz Design team were posted, I noticed a new challenge.  Usually I  walk away, but I  just saw the cutest picture of my Grand kids on facebook, so I went for it.  I printed the picture myself and played with the filters, and then enhanced several areas with the new Spectrum Noir markers (like them a lot) and just went from there. The letters
are super cute and I cut them from the new Cricut Deco Art.  Hope you like it and visit both Gecko and

Let  me know if you have any questions or comments.
Luv ya