Monday, July 9, 2012

Crochet wire necklace class

This is the Crochet Wire Necklace.  We just started to sell the ARTISTIC WIRE, and you get the roll in 26g.  You need a crochet hook and I use the copper or green.  My teachers guide says I or J.  They are in sewing section.  We will make 3 rows,if you are fast you can make 4 rows, so each row will have 25 to 30 beads, you can use the chunky ones like this necklace, or crystals.  The instructions says 4 or 6 mm bicones, and assorted pearls. It is  also nice regardless of what you use but to have 2 crystals for the end.  You also need a toggle closure.  If you have a fork that you don't use, metal, it works great at the end.  If you have a wire cutter, bead board and round nose plyer, they are also needed, but can use mine if you don't have.

Please check the counts on your beads, you n total need about 120, so if you pick up some crystals that have 15 count, you need 2 packages to make the row, and so on.

Thank you

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