Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Classes at Michaels

Just a flash from the Daddy and me when he first got home from the Army. I love my Daddy.......

Starting in April there will be a big campaign showcasing the SDU new will be SPOTTED CANARY and with that will be 2 seperate classes starting in May from Martha Stewart. You will be buying the kit which includes punches, or glitter...what ever you need for the classes.

Punch class is $25, kit included, Glitter class is $30, all glitter and material included. All classes will be 2 hours.

Also the new Expression will be revealed on HSN April price yet.

Please pass this memo on to all your friends...I tried to include everyone whos web address I have....also, if I meet my Quota, minimum 4 people per class, I will be giving away hourly prizes, and I will also do a drawing....y'all know that I am still out of work and these gigs at Michaels do help a little, but I also love teaching them.

Luv ya

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My Grand daughter in the picture is Aurora. The picture was right after her birthday, and this week is her sister Olivias birthday so I was just in outer space...what else is new!! Luv ya Sherri

Its in the mail!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am using this page as my page posting for geckogalz...I have added a red strip to make it 12.12.
Again, here is my beautiful Aurora.
Luv ya

Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Gecko Galz design

My little Olivia is just so adorable riding her bike and just reminded me of "Pocket full of Posies" and that is what the title says. I used Geckgalz April release of Tudor Rose Paper, "Katherine". The word POSIES is cut from the Alphabet Soup letters, the Beautifulsent2.
The letters are very pretty with each one a different color and design, just a cute, easy match for so many things.
My flowers are wedding paper flowers from Michaels, each addorned with a hot fix jewel, and you may also notice the tone on tone border (black on black ) by Martha Stewart.
Thank you for looking
Luv ya

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The master piece is almost done!

Well, this is the first time Bella's Spring book is being viewed by the public.... took it to show my class today and it didn't like being in the sun, so I hope it will ship well. The original butterfly was larger but just didn't like being on the book and turned back into a Caterpillar!
I have become quite fond of this book and will have a hard time saying good bye to it...I have learned alot while designing it and feel it has made me think on another level...
Anyone wanting a custom designed book just like it, please let me know, the cost will be about $75.00, beleive me that is a bargain!
Well for now got to go, so...
Luv ya

Friday, March 18, 2011

Do you like a tease?

After all my very hard work, my Bella album is getting close to being ready to be bound. I still have pages that are not complete, and bling that needs to be placed but in general I am happy with what I will be sending Lacee for little I need to do some cleaning as it has been on the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back burner.
Talk to you soon
Luv ya

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am still here

Time does fly...that was the first time I took Cutter to Target, at 2 the little pumpkin is going to school in August...he is so grown up...

If you thought I vanished, you are wrong! My first real problem came when Ms. Gypsy Ann dies..oh, sorry...its my Cricut Gypsy. We have become quite attached and I really can't live without her. I finally mailed the dead, lifeless and now not useful machine back to Provocraft today, and hope a new fresh and live Gypsy comes soon. Then I have to reload all my cartridges...and all my pages that were saved died along with Ms. Ann. I hate to even mention the fact that it died at my friends house trying to help her do some work......................

On the other side of this coin, I am making a 6.6 book for a swap, something I have never done, possibly will never do again. It has been very time consuming and I have even lost sleep over it...LOL...I should be losing sleep over not finding a JOB in 6 months!!!

Anyway, I will post pictures of the book in the next few days, it is not quite finished, but it is coming along. I have done way to many pages, and have already taken out some.

Remember that I still teach at Michaels and if you have friends that want to learn to scrap, let me know. My students are awesome...I love when they surprise themselves in what they can do. I love them all!

Be back soon with lots of stuff,,,I promise. Let me know how you are doing so I won't be so lonely..

Luv ya

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creations with Christina: Mini Album w/your Cricut #2

Creations with Christina: Mini Album w/your Cricut #2
I really enjoyed watching...I am in the middle of a big 6.6 book and I like the little extra input....,thank you

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Thou I wouls love to take credit for this beautiful home and view, it is actually Austin, TX. Robert and I love Austin
and the scenery is fantastic!

Our daughter Dori(she is my step daughter, but I do not like that term at all) got accepted in an Internship program in Costa Rica. We are so proud of her...she is not only beautiful but smart. She is going to be a marine biologist or something like that.... the occupation name just sounds just how smart you are. She is her Dads princess and Robert and DeAnna have all the right to be so proud of her. Being the step Mom, I am very proud of her, and so excited for her!!!!

It is so pretty outside...crazy it went down to about 30 degrees last night. Today, I really wanted to just sleep, but in my pj's went out and started going thru boxes left over from moving., There is a lot of scrap stuff, frames, chipboard and a KWIK KUTZ that I could bring to my classes. I was good and threw out a lot of stuff...but saved alot too! .

We have years worth of documents that we have to go thru first, and then destroy. That will be time consuming. I need to make more room for scrap stuff and I am already floor to ceiling on stock.

Anyway, got to finish my Bella swap book, we get paired March 07 and I won't do my cover and title until I talk to the girl getting mine. I have never done this...but it will be fun to get one book in the mail.

Please leave me a comment when you visit...the blog tends to get a bit lonely...the more I know you are out there looking, the more I will post projects with instructions!!!

Luv ya


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Proud as a Peacock

Here are my pictures for the above journaling. These are the Peacocks thawere in Memorial.
To make the page, I used Craft paper, daubed the edges both white and gold, as I did the same with the pictures. I took the Dominos from Gecko Galz January promotion and double matted them. The paper is Arabian Nights, also from Gecko Galz. Font is from Cricut, and a few hot fix jewels add to the arrangement. Just as a matter of fact, the section of blue with the Arabian Nights peeking thru is the piece left after I cut the blue rectangles for the never know what scraps will come into play!
Any questions, let me know.
Luv ya

Friday, March 4, 2011

Peacocks in Houston

Late December, 2010 Robert and I were driving

Around, can’t remember where we went that day…

I think to Texas Art Supply…but anyway he started

driving toward a neighborhood in Memorial and

I instantly knew what he was going to show me.

I remembered he had come home from work very

recently and told me there were Peacocks running

wild on this street…(lol)…but I saw them. There

were quite a good amount of them. The male is

the one that has the beautiful wing span. I was

really in shock to see them just roaming the street.

When I looked in Google, it brought up an article

From April 23, 2008. Someone called animal

control to complain. Residents report the birds

have been in the neighborhood for about 30 years,

and many residents enjoy them. Some residents

blocked animal control from taking the birds.

I guess the neighbors won…the Peacocks are

still on Whitewing Lane, off Memorial.

Peacocks are not common to this area. Their

Usual habitat is Rebublic of India and Asian

Countries. They live in open fields and also

The rainforest. They stay in groups, called

PARTIES (lol).

They are ground feeders, so they eats bugs

And that stuff.

Males have a harem of 2-5 Peahens (female

Peacocks) and lay 3 to 5 eggs. The eggs hatch

In 28 days, with the chicks eating and walking

In hours. They can fly at 1 week .They live 20

years in the wild, and 40 in captivity..

And just as an added tale, the pretty ones

are the males!

Tomorrow night I will post the layout that goes with this, but it is quite an interesting story.

Thanks for looking!

Thank you Sandi for looking!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

This card was created for my son we all know, boy style cards are hard to make.
The bicycle is a Digital stamp from Gecko Galz, printed on heavy white cardstock at 4x6 sizing. It is from the Spring Fling collection. The background paper is from Gecko Galz Deadwood paper, which is very Rodeo, Texas, and manly. This piece is called WRANGLER and in person it resembles jeans. The HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a Cricut cut from Birthday Bash.
The bike was actually painted...first all the details were colored with Faber Castell water color pencils. The background was painted using Tim Holtz Distessed inks in Pine Needle and Shabby Shutters, using his technique of painting off the craft sheet with an ink blending tool.
This whole canvas was mounted on a 12x6 sheet of cardstock, folded in half to make the card.
If you need addititional instructions, or have questions, please let me know in the comments.
Coming Friday, I have just created three pieces of art to match a brand new quilt..............
Luv ya