Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am still here

Time does fly...that was the first time I took Cutter to Target, at 2 the little pumpkin is going to school in August...he is so grown up...

If you thought I vanished, you are wrong! My first real problem came when Ms. Gypsy Ann dies..oh, sorry...its my Cricut Gypsy. We have become quite attached and I really can't live without her. I finally mailed the dead, lifeless and now not useful machine back to Provocraft today, and hope a new fresh and live Gypsy comes soon. Then I have to reload all my cartridges...and all my pages that were saved died along with Ms. Ann. I hate to even mention the fact that it died at my friends house trying to help her do some work......................

On the other side of this coin, I am making a 6.6 book for a swap, something I have never done, possibly will never do again. It has been very time consuming and I have even lost sleep over it...LOL...I should be losing sleep over not finding a JOB in 6 months!!!

Anyway, I will post pictures of the book in the next few days, it is not quite finished, but it is coming along. I have done way to many pages, and have already taken out some.

Remember that I still teach at Michaels and if you have friends that want to learn to scrap, let me know. My students are awesome...I love when they surprise themselves in what they can do. I love them all!

Be back soon with lots of stuff,,,I promise. Let me know how you are doing so I won't be so lonely..

Luv ya

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