Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally home

I have been with my Dad for the last several days as he had surgery. He is actually better and doing great. Spending time with him was eye opening and made me see him different. He actually has a secret life and that is why he won't move with any of us. He is the center of attention at the Restaurant he goes to 7 days a week!

We stayed up watching old movies and talking...he keeps telling me old family stories. He is just a hoot...sharper than any tack I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as my LAp top is fixed, I will post several projects and the Jewelry I am selling...should be by Saturday night!

Talk to you soon

Luv ya

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

My lap top is not connecting to the internet so I can t load my new creation "Mirage" for Gecko Galz, BUT i CAN ATLEAST WISH YOU ALL GOOD HOLIDAY THOUGHTS! This will be a short sale week and I only know HL will have some beads on sale. I am building up my collection to make several Christmas gifts and hopefully sell a few. If anyone would like to purchase a necklace, let me know. I just finished a beautiful double strand with purples. I have purchased some pretty greens beads, naturals and actually some red, blues and yellows. Just your choice...let me know. Mothers Day will be here very soon and it would make a wonderful cstom gift.

THe big crop is still May 14 9-9...lots of fun in Katy.

CKC is coming up fast and that will be wonderful...lots of you are going to Arlington, but I am passing that one.

Luv ya

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sign up for National Scrapbook Day FUN

On May 14, Saturday, your neighborhood Katy Michaels store is going to have a SUPER CROP from (9 am to 9 PM.) There are lots of prizes, and lots of fun planned for that day. If you help me make my goal in attendees, I will add to the prizes, make everyone a gift bag and give away FREE hot fix jewels!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sign up is BUY !< GET ! FREE at $5.00
You can t go wrong

Please help me reach my goal and I promise you will have fun...we will have make and takes, and a contest that you can do before the date...create the best name badge and get a prize...cotact me if you have questions, otherwise please register before so we know who to expect.

Luv ya

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach Babes for sale

eighteen pages of picture places and blog spots, bound in a spiral and little bling
sale $25.00 and shipping


I am almost finished with a bound 6.6 album called BEACH really is very cute with little journalspots and layering and bright colors. it make a wonderful gift...sales price is $25 and shipping, which is probably $ will fit in the small Priority mailer. Will post it in person tonight.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

additional pictures

Penny's Beautiful Album

I received my beautiful album from Penny on Friday, and was just amazed at the beauty. It is just so feminine and warm that I was just in awe. It is perfect...I quickly found her E mail to let her know it arrived and how I loved it.