Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

My lap top is not connecting to the internet so I can t load my new creation "Mirage" for Gecko Galz, BUT i CAN ATLEAST WISH YOU ALL GOOD HOLIDAY THOUGHTS! This will be a short sale week and I only know HL will have some beads on sale. I am building up my collection to make several Christmas gifts and hopefully sell a few. If anyone would like to purchase a necklace, let me know. I just finished a beautiful double strand with purples. I have purchased some pretty greens beads, naturals and actually some red, blues and yellows. Just your choice...let me know. Mothers Day will be here very soon and it would make a wonderful cstom gift.

THe big crop is still May 14 9-9...lots of fun in Katy.

CKC is coming up fast and that will be wonderful...lots of you are going to Arlington, but I am passing that one.

Luv ya

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