Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ok y'all...here is an idea for Independance Day. This will be my left side page...I cut 4 4x6 pieces from 4 different Geckogalz Independance Day papers and mounted them as I would photos. I then cut 1 inch strips of red and white paper and mounted them on the side...the back ground is navy. Using Cricut Independance Day, I cut the Statue of Liberty, painted it with silver, and added a metally texture look to it, and cut I LOVE USA and dry brushed it with blue and red.

I hope you enjoy my page

E mail me with any questions

luv ya


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missing you

Sorry I haven t written in awile but you never let me know you visit..please drop me a line saying you have been here. I am designing Jewelry and teaching in Michaels, going to school and feel that I am busier than when I worked full time...still looking and nothing seems to happen. No one wants to pay... that is the problem. Adam still gets around in a wheelchair, and Evan is always sick, now Robert is hurting...his knee that he already had surgery on!

Fathers Day is this week end and Carol and Randy are driving to Houston, so with the exception of Ira, we will all be together for Dad. I haven't made my cards yet...I am having to keep lists of what to do. What do you do...go with the flow I guess...its that train ride Linda talked about, once you get on, you don't know who will get off, when or who will come back...life is a mystery...just live each day, smile and be kind.

Kisses to all and to all a good night!