Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost Christmas


Well as usual no snow on the ground, but it is cold.  The chimneys are probably being used for a little added heat, so Santa needs to watch for hot surfaces.  If Santa eats cookies at each house, the sugar will cause him to gain weight and a chance for diabetes, so leave some healthier snacks this year.  Please be honest with him (Santa) with a bad economy, if your kid has been a little naughty, level with him.  The economy has an effect on him too!  Raw products cost more, more kids each year and his budget is really tight.

Try not to be greedy in this bad economy, if you celebrated Hanukah and by accident he drops some gifts down your chimney, if you can't run after Santa, then donate them to a needy family.

If you ate your turkey at home, don't double dip at your neighbor as they are having problems too!

Just be a good person and smile and wish every one a good holiday, don't drink, over eat or over buy.  Hug your family and friends and say "Merry Christmas,  Happy Holiday or have a wonderful New Year", but say some thing.  Do a good deep for at least one  person and be true to yourself...................

All kidding aside, have a safe and wonderful holiday.



Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I am back for another year!

 I am proud to be part of the team.  Please support us at for supplies, ideas and lots of fun!