Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting ready for the holidays.........

Lets talk about the holidays……
I know that it seems like we just put away our swim suits, and school just started again, but the reality that the holidays will soon be here is very real.
For those of us with little children,  or those expecting…..  the rush hits us hard.  It takes so many hours of the day keeping those kids busy, fed, clean and out of trouble.  If you are expecting, you are tired anyway and this is just another thing you just don’t feel like you can handle!
Well, start getting ready this week.  If you plan ahead, and start to make your gift list and start buying now, you will be on top of it all. Start by purchasing your smaller gifts this week-if you can, wrap and label them also.
Write your list for the bigger gifts and search the internet for price.  Make sure you do all your research before you leave your home.  Also any gifts that you will purchase online, do that now.  If you order online items earlier, they will arrive and not get stuck in the heavy mail time period.
.Plan your menu now for Thanksgiving and Christmas or Chanukah dinners.  Purchase your can goods for all your holiday meals  at the same time. If you are having Turkey for all your planned big meals, then try to purchase them at the same time (hopefully you have freezer room).  This way, all you really will need will be the fresh produce, drinks, and appetizers.
Make all your reservations if you are going out for any celebration early.
Plan any parties you will have at your home early.  Do your shopping the same method as for your big dinners.
Treat yourself to someone else doing your cleaning, that is like a little present to yourself!
By doing everything early and not rushing around, you will have less stress, more quality time, and feel better.
Remember that stress causes toxins to  build up in your blood. And you will then be more likely to be sick, depressed and not your self!
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