Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost Christmas


Well as usual no snow on the ground, but it is cold.  The chimneys are probably being used for a little added heat, so Santa needs to watch for hot surfaces.  If Santa eats cookies at each house, the sugar will cause him to gain weight and a chance for diabetes, so leave some healthier snacks this year.  Please be honest with him (Santa) with a bad economy, if your kid has been a little naughty, level with him.  The economy has an effect on him too!  Raw products cost more, more kids each year and his budget is really tight.

Try not to be greedy in this bad economy, if you celebrated Hanukah and by accident he drops some gifts down your chimney, if you can't run after Santa, then donate them to a needy family.

If you ate your turkey at home, don't double dip at your neighbor as they are having problems too!

Just be a good person and smile and wish every one a good holiday, don't drink, over eat or over buy.  Hug your family and friends and say "Merry Christmas,  Happy Holiday or have a wonderful New Year", but say some thing.  Do a good deep for at least one  person and be true to yourself...................

All kidding aside, have a safe and wonderful holiday.



Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I am back for another year!

 I am proud to be part of the team.  Please support us at for supplies, ideas and lots of fun!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday at

Ok, so don't forget about cyber Monday.  Lots of great deals.  Mention that I sent you and I get a point...............and for being my friend and going to the sight, you can download this little cutie...if you have a problem getting it, email me or post on my blog that you need me to email him to you


Friday, November 23, 2012

What is new at Geckogalz

All of the Christmas designs are now up on the web sight for you to see.  Please go to and choose my gallery to view all the new pieces,


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Cuties

With getting ready for the Christmas rush, we have just added another thing to our line...little Cuties.They are like paper dolls on a necklace. Probably best suited for the younger crowd, they are available with different outfits,boy or girl, clothing colors, hair, skin and will love them...each one is a masterpiece in it self.....$15.00, going fast.

Order today


Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you to all that participated

The blog was a lot of work but so much fun!  Thank you to all that played, all that looked and all that had fun.  Please come back often and visit, you are like family and we enjoy having your company!!!



Friday, October 26, 2012

Gecko Blog...right here.......

Hi, so glad you stopped by

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Gecko Galz Tricks and Treats Blog Hop
 I am the next stop on your “hop” welcome to my blog! If you started here you might want to go back and start at the begining at the Gecko Galz blog so you won’t miss anything!  
We have 15 AMAZING blogs for you to visit this weekend, each with some gorgeous projects created using the Gecko Galz collage images, that we are giving you for FREE! Each blog you visit will have a free Gecko Galz Collage sheet for you to download, mine is "Picture Perfect". Also make sure you collect all the secret words on each blog so at the end of the hop you can enter to win our wonderful treat.  So sit back, relax, take your time and enjoy the hop!
We have FOUR amazing prizes up for grabs:
  • First is the ephemera collections for each month for an entire year. That is 60 different sets! This is a $120 value
  • Second prize is a $50 shopping spree at the Gecko Galz website….you pick it and we send it!
  • Third prize is one free digital collage set each month for an entire year, you get to pick the collage sheet you want each month and we send it off to you! This is a $24 value
  • And our Grand Prize ONE FULL YEAR of Gecko Galz  COLLECTIONS!!! That will be 1 paper pack, 1 digital stamp set, and 5 collage sets for the entire year! This is a prize worth $240
Read on to learn how you can win!

First of all, you will need to visit all 14 blogs and leave a comment on each blog :) **This is important so we know you have been to all the blogs **. Collect all eleven words and at the end of the blog on the Fripperies and Butterflies site there will be a link to the Gecko Galz website where you will email us the phrase the words make up. This enters you in the contest. On October 31st we will randomly draw the 4 winners and email each of you, then we will post the winning names on our website and on the Gecko Galz blog site.

For an extra chance to win make a purchase from the Gecko Galz site and your name goes in again for a better chance of winning (each purchase you make that weekend gives you another chance to win) 

Finally, we are having one more give away! If you post our Gecko Galz badge (found on the Gecko Galz Blog) on your blog or website you will be entered to win a Gecko Store Gift Certificate worth $25 - super easy right?  Just post a link to your blog on the Gecko Galz Blog so we can come visit :).

My Secret Word is;


Now go to the next site and collect the next word plus your next FREE collage sheet.

 Here is the Blog Hop Rotation 

  •    Please enjoy this free Gecko Galz Collage sheet    “Retro Style”

This is my treat sheet, you can right click it and save it to your desktop and print, you can get it from the link below, or if you have a problem, copy and paste the link in your browser and then print or save...either way, a gift from us!

As well as the samples I have made using the images
Have a great day
Sherri Levinton

Leanne Seed, owner
Gecko Galz
visit us each month for new products and design team samples

Please see what I have done with my samples:

I really love my sheet...I wonder if Leanne picked them out special for each of  us?  I went green with this one..I used the empty container from a role of tulle...the tube was covered with scrapbook paper and then I hot glued a fancy black leather looking ribbon on the bottom.  I used my sample attached to a stick and created a "memo holder"....a few flowers can brighten up my desk!

This is another image I love and created a "green frame".  I used a Sizzix die and cut many pieces of cereal box cardboard, a few corrugated cardboard pieces, then a print, vellum and then a clear acrylic piece that I ran thru a texture plate.  I edged the edges with gold UTEE to make the layers appear as one.  Because it is so thick, it actually created a shadow box and has a lot of density

 Heartfelt memories....I almost forgot to show you this one...this well dressed Retro lady reminds me of my late beautiful Mother and I made a collage dedicated to her. I used a small canvas and mod podged different papers, stickers, and sentiments. I actually created some additional patterns with stencil and spray ink, and chalked my image to make part of the white background recede.   I adorned the finished canvas with some pearls, beads and leaves.  That is my Mom...

         Lorrie Levinton " left us on November 22, 2002

I cut a window card using my Cricut machine and embossed the opening. I added a few open leaves and a flower!  Doesn 't the image look great with that paper!

This image was framed with a free form frame cut out with Cricut on Core dination paper...textured and sanded the frame.  The image was coated with crackle to give it an old look.


Think outside of the box...I wanted to give you lots of ideas...a key image is mounted many times on chipboard, sides painted, crackle applied to front, and a  punch to   the top for a giant ring!  Cool gift idea

Made a tag with this girl...matted and edged piece, added to few embellishments and added a tulle bow that just seemed to go with her bonnet...will be great on a package or scrapbook page!

Ok, this is my major creation...I took a clear glass about 5x7 and placed  my lady in the back, facing forward.  I then heat embossed the border in several sessions...different colors but all with the same flower stamp. I cut a large bonnet to mimic the image, used texture and a flower and set it on my mini easel!
I really hope you enjoyed my creations, please leave a comment and don't hesitate to ask any questions...please come visit often

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time to shop for Christmas gifts........

 The jewelry girls are working as fast as they can to turn out your Christmas orders.  We have a limited amount of Christmas necklaces with earrings, on sale now for $39.99 and shipping.  We have crochet necklaces that are selling faster than we can design them, also with earring in several different colors and stones
Contact us at for more information

Monday, October 15, 2012

Please leave a comment when you look...I  know you were here but would like to increase traffic!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Watch for the upcoming Gecko blog hop

You better watch really close because the Geckogalz blog is almost here!  Do you remember last year and all the fun we had...we are doing it again and better!  We have all been working hard so you can be impressed......just a few days to you are excited!  We are excited too, for now go to

and see what we are up to!

And we will see you soon!


Monday, October 8, 2012


 When I finish a strung necklace and there are just a few beads left of one kind or another, I put the left overs in a jar for a color family.....blues, greens or mixture.  To my surprise, just read that other  people do the same...we also do the same thing with them...........crochet necklace!!!!!!!!

Great minds think a like...


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For sale by owner

The new line ups of THE CHAIN GANG are for sale...think about the holidays and get your order in  in time for custom colours.  Earring are always included with necklaces

Lets preview crochet styles...silver lace, vintage and retro

Usual price is $50.00, sale on new items $35.00, not including shipping

Chain version Triple treat, and Charmed

Order soon

281 389 1218

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work of students

My students all work hard and turn out beautiful pieces...just want to share some work that deserve a pat on the back!!!@!  These are both wire crochet necklaces.

Will share some more at the end of the week...I have added some new things to my line, and they are called "CHAIN GANG"........stay tuned!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Jewelry classes

Attention:  All jewelry students

there is a contest thru Michaels and the teacher that teacher the most classes during the time period of 9/23 to 10/13 will win a trip to have a class with a famous Jewelry designer............

what is in it for you?

good question

sign up for my classes 9/23 to 10/13 and you only pay $10.00 for the class...that is it (plus supplies)......only ten smackers, that is $15.00 off

call me with questions
please sign up, for me and you


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fundamentals of crimping class

Wonderful class last night with 2 very classy finished,  the other hasn't finished but I will make a house call to get her finished.

This is a beautiful piece that the owner can be very proud of!

My classes take a little longer than other teachers....I go over design, color, color wheel, organization, the bead board.....I try to give a rounded overview so the students can get a bit more of the picture!

Would love for you to come and join us...lots of stuff is on sale this week at Michaels!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For my jewelry students

This is an awesome web sight with a slightly bohemian, African sort of style...never experienced this before, so hope you enjoy.

Leave a comment after you go to the sight
see you in class


Friday, September 7, 2012

Some fun

Just playing around with graphics, but not the kind I need, thought I would not let this go to waste


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chain maille jewelry

 so after so many tries I finally came up with a chain maille necklace that I like...I have spent a lot of time and money trying to be creative...if you come to the Michaels open house, it will be in person.  If you want to take the class, other than tools, here is a list

2....Bead landing chain mine was 36 in gnmtl 91.4 cm
       if you can t find this exact one, look for one that has a good weight to build with
1 Bead landing chain pack to co ordinate

Tim Holtz large and small gears from the scrapbook aisle

1 large lobster clasp

assorted charms


jump rings

head pins...they are the ones that look like a straight pin

assorted beads, crystals, or seed beads

tools if you have

curved pliers
round nose pliers

Call me if you have questions

281 389 1218

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gecko Galz Goes Cyber!!


Hi everyone!

Well as you know I love working with Gecko Galz products and would like to invite all of you over to check out their new items as well as begin following them on their ial networks because they are giving everyone who follows them a FREE set of digital stamps....pretty cool. So here is the scoop for all of you as well as all the links. Have fun and dont forget in October Gecko Galz will be doing their annual blog hop where you will get FREE collage sheets and a chance to win a great prize!
Gecko Galz has gone Cyber!!

We now have a great blog you can follow as well as being on Pinterest, facebook, and
twitter. We have gret new products including 
mini paper packs and soon to have ribbons, fibers 
and findings all things that will be exclusives to our Etsy store. Check them all out at the links below.
But wait there is More!


(just follow us on our social networks and email us 
with your name and name on the network and we will send you 
the exclusive set for FREE)
Conect with us on the following

And then email us at

Thank you for following us!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Life update


Taking calls  Tues, Thurs............

Creating dreams.......everyday!



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween, already?

Using Gecko Galz digital stamps, I created this wonderful door wreath, sure to delight and fright your family and friends.  Go to to learn more!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Crochet wire bracelet

This is for my group of sisters/sister in law that were so charming and had so much fun taking my necklace are the instructions

Keep the wire on spool and unwind approximately 10".
String approximately 10-12 beads onto the wire.
Make a simple loop in the wire, leaving a tail of about 4".
Holding the tail of the wire in the same hand as your crochet needle, carefully slide the needle through the center of the loop.
Working loosely with each wire pull, wrap the long end of the wire over the crochet then pull through the loop. Repeat this step until you have four loops.
Pull a bead from the spool until it is right next to the crochet hook, bring wire up and over the crochet hook, catch it in the hook and pull it through the loop, trapping the bead inside the stitch. Repeat until all beads are used.
Create four more loops on the end.
Cut wire from spool, leaving a tail of about 4".
Repeat steps two more times, so that you have a total of three beaded wire crochet strands.

Remember that instead of using a jump ring, finish your bracelet as you do the necklace and I think it will be more secure that way!
Using a jump ring, insert the ends of all three strands together. Repeat on other side.
Add a loop and toggle to complete your bracelet.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Crochet wire necklace class

This is the Crochet Wire Necklace.  We just started to sell the ARTISTIC WIRE, and you get the roll in 26g.  You need a crochet hook and I use the copper or green.  My teachers guide says I or J.  They are in sewing section.  We will make 3 rows,if you are fast you can make 4 rows, so each row will have 25 to 30 beads, you can use the chunky ones like this necklace, or crystals.  The instructions says 4 or 6 mm bicones, and assorted pearls. It is  also nice regardless of what you use but to have 2 crystals for the end.  You also need a toggle closure.  If you have a fork that you don't use, metal, it works great at the end.  If you have a wire cutter, bead board and round nose plyer, they are also needed, but can use mine if you don't have.

Please check the counts on your beads, you n total need about 120, so if you pick up some crystals that have 15 count, you need 2 packages to make the row, and so on.

Thank you

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beachy Kids

Hi y'all.  Funny thing happened when I was checking to see if my projects for Gecko Galz Design team were posted, I noticed a new challenge.  Usually I  walk away, but I  just saw the cutest picture of my Grand kids on facebook, so I went for it.  I printed the picture myself and played with the filters, and then enhanced several areas with the new Spectrum Noir markers (like them a lot) and just went from there. The letters
are super cute and I cut them from the new Cricut Deco Art.  Hope you like it and visit both Gecko and

Let  me know if you have any questions or comments.
Luv ya

Friday, June 22, 2012

Good friends on the move

My friends just moved and I wanted to do something special with the picture of all their things packed and so unsure of their future....(Mom lost her job in Katy and the rest is history)  I used the Gecko state pieces and some papers that seemed to go, but the rest just took off as a GREEN project.  It actually just made the collage more realistic.  When my friends Minnie and Sakina settle into  their new life, I am going to mount this on a cork board and mail it to them.  We love them and miss them, and miss them well.  By the way, all their furniture and items were pilled onto the floor of someones home...the home where they were promised to be able to live doesn' t have water or electric.  The rest of their things are in a storage in Katy, and they are afraid they won't ever be able to get them.  A wonderful Katy group of volunteers helped them move into the U haul.

If it were possible could we set up a donation drive so they can at  least have money to get the rest of their things? This single Mom and her daughter are the best...why should a 5 y/o have so much hardship.  Anyone that want to help can e mail me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have A Rorin Good Fathers Day

Getting ready for Fathers Day!  I have the most awesome  Daddy and equally awesome husband...created with Gecko galz emphemera and Cricut Deco cartridge.

Thanks for looking,

email if you want more info


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Notes

This is using Gecko tags, Tim Holtz ink and an edge punch.  Get ready, summer is here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Michaels, Katy...a few of the new classes

I have posted several samples of new classes  ..would love for you to preview them--  

Fund of wire crochet
Wed May 30 at 12
Mon June 25 630
Mon July 09       630

Fund of crimping  (beautiful necklace, great to learn with)
Sat Jun 9 12
Mon Jun 11 630 

Fund of wire wrap
sat Jun 2   2
sat Jun 30 12

intermed bead stringing  (this is a double necklace....will allow new students to by pass fundamentals
Sat jun 02 10
Mon jun 4 630

Necklace to remember
Sat jun 2  12
sat jun 30 2

bead night only $5.00
Friday june 8 at 6 pm

281 389 1218

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New classes

Ok, so we are proud to announce that we are expanding our Jewelry classes, some really fun and exciting things.  We have a class called BLING YOUR JEANS, learning designs with hot fix jewels, and Multi media art, which is a journal that has been reworked.  Our necklace classes will include a necklace with a watch, and another "A necklace to Remember".

Please visit the store for an open house on Saturday, May 19 at 1 PM.

My best advice is to start buying different color and weight of chain, connectors, charms, jump rings...just odd metal findings.  Pick up your stringing wire in our jewelry isle...with the added weight, make sure it is 49 strand,  .18 width.  Just keep collecting the beads and toggles and you will be on your way.

All classes will be listed online
                                                  westheimer parkway store

Contact me with questions