Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chain maille jewelry

 so after so many tries I finally came up with a chain maille necklace that I like...I have spent a lot of time and money trying to be creative...if you come to the Michaels open house, it will be in person.  If you want to take the class, other than tools, here is a list

2....Bead landing chain mine was 36 in gnmtl 91.4 cm
       if you can t find this exact one, look for one that has a good weight to build with
1 Bead landing chain pack to co ordinate

Tim Holtz large and small gears from the scrapbook aisle

1 large lobster clasp

assorted charms


jump rings

head pins...they are the ones that look like a straight pin

assorted beads, crystals, or seed beads

tools if you have

curved pliers
round nose pliers

Call me if you have questions

281 389 1218

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