Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gecko galz Mothers Day Scrapbook Pages

Instructions for double scrapbook layout

I used SEI Chickadee as my background paper.  I mounted 7 images from MARVELOUS MONOCHROMES with co ordinating scraps of paper.  I used Tim Holtz ink to edge each image, and combined TIME FLIES with the rectangles to make it pleasing to the eye.  I plan to have some nice personal Mothers Day photos to place on the side saying "Mother, you're the best".....I am not praising myself, but it is always the gentle undertone to remember my Mother...I usually will put a picture of her along with my own picture of the day.  Happy Mothers Day, one and all...please visit your Mom if she is around and give her an extra may not ever get that chance again!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome Spring Entry Art

I wanted to create something that people can see as they enter my home greeting them and reminding them that the beautiful sunshine and welcoming flowers will soon we here.  Seeing the new blooms on my bushes makes me happy and gives me Spring Fever.  So on a artist board I started with an older, muted sheet from Gecko galz for my background.  As drinking tea is associated with friendship and old family values, I used Cricut Folk Art to cut the cups and canister...little cut outs of flowers just hit the spot.  Using Gecko galz WILD ABOUT FLOWERS ephemera, I  actually mounted and cut frames from another older Gecko galz paper and gave the two sets from WILD ABOUT FLOWERS the look of old masterpieces.   I cut out other images from the flower ephemera, cutting as close as I could to the edge of the images   then using some alcohol markers around the edge to give it a better blended look.  The flowers were placed in the tea cups and mounted with dimensional tape so it gave some variation.

I picked up some scraps of papers and arranged them to look like a few additional flowers, in the cup and around.  A bird and heart just ended up sitting on the top of the page!

I am very attracted to the color combo of teal and purple...I think it is bold and beautiful, but it also blended very well with the WILD ABOUT FLOWERS!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Paper Gecko dolls

Thinking ahead to Spring and that makes me happy.  I think of flowers and  Easter, and picture taking in the garden.  I still love paper dolls and wanted to be a fashion illustrator, so my paper dolls have long and skinny legs...but what beautiful faces Gecko galz ARTFULL LADIES ephemera give my creations.  I used Forever Young  Cricut cartridge to get my paper dolls, then did a little surgery to get them exactly to my liking.  I traced their shape and made them their clothing, added some more adornment, the bunnies and flowers,,,,,,,,,,WILD ABOUT FLOWERS  and PEEPS A (more Gecko galz March goodies).  It would  be fun to create paper dolls for your  daughter and add some Velcro to the body...then use scraps of paper to create different outfits.s to