Friday, March 1, 2013

Paper Gecko dolls

Thinking ahead to Spring and that makes me happy.  I think of flowers and  Easter, and picture taking in the garden.  I still love paper dolls and wanted to be a fashion illustrator, so my paper dolls have long and skinny legs...but what beautiful faces Gecko galz ARTFULL LADIES ephemera give my creations.  I used Forever Young  Cricut cartridge to get my paper dolls, then did a little surgery to get them exactly to my liking.  I traced their shape and made them their clothing, added some more adornment, the bunnies and flowers,,,,,,,,,,WILD ABOUT FLOWERS  and PEEPS A (more Gecko galz March goodies).  It would  be fun to create paper dolls for your  daughter and add some Velcro to the body...then use scraps of paper to create different outfits.s to 


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