Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Thou I wouls love to take credit for this beautiful home and view, it is actually Austin, TX. Robert and I love Austin
and the scenery is fantastic!

Our daughter Dori(she is my step daughter, but I do not like that term at all) got accepted in an Internship program in Costa Rica. We are so proud of her...she is not only beautiful but smart. She is going to be a marine biologist or something like that.... the occupation name just sounds just how smart you are. She is her Dads princess and Robert and DeAnna have all the right to be so proud of her. Being the step Mom, I am very proud of her, and so excited for her!!!!

It is so pretty outside...crazy it went down to about 30 degrees last night. Today, I really wanted to just sleep, but in my pj's went out and started going thru boxes left over from moving., There is a lot of scrap stuff, frames, chipboard and a KWIK KUTZ that I could bring to my classes. I was good and threw out a lot of stuff...but saved alot too! .

We have years worth of documents that we have to go thru first, and then destroy. That will be time consuming. I need to make more room for scrap stuff and I am already floor to ceiling on stock.

Anyway, got to finish my Bella swap book, we get paired March 07 and I won't do my cover and title until I talk to the girl getting mine. I have never done this...but it will be fun to get one book in the mail.

Please leave me a comment when you visit...the blog tends to get a bit lonely...the more I know you are out there looking, the more I will post projects with instructions!!!

Luv ya


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  1. These are lovely photographs. Congrats on your SDS's college internship!