Monday, February 21, 2011

Curio is done!

Ok, yall...I finally finished. I remade it the inside atleast three times. My final opinion on making the boxes...

  1. Paint the sides of the box inside first

  2. Place your paper on the back wall next

  3. After you have tissue taped the boxes, then put in floor paper, and if you want ink the front edge

  4. Don't forget that the back legs atleast can't be put on until the end! (eeee...guess how I found that out!)

  5. It was driving me crazy where the frame tissue tape met the frame paper and I had to trim it with a ribbon. You could use paper, or even use paper that you have border punched.

  6. I did alot of adhere items with hot glue.

  7. I made things angled with folded scrapes of paper.

  8. Really think outside the box...I have a close up of one piece that I especially was a small oblong kind of like a tray for a necklace...probably the inside area is almost 1 inch by maybe 2.5 inches..I cut off the bail with a Tim Holtz scissor and was just going to use a strip of paper in the inside, but I had a kind of Gibson girl sticker, and put it on the area and trimmed with a craft knife.

  9. I also wanted to give a bit of unisome and painted everything with a wipe of gold acrilic paint...the cheap kind, or a Dauber.

Please ask any questions...we all learn that way1

Luv ya


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