Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, sunday

On Saturday a whole car full of us drove to Gonzales, Texas and we had a wonderful day of learning. The store owner Pam was very gracious...the store is named Craft Crossing a little store she has everything you can imagine. It was atleast 2.5 hours from Katy, but I am planning on making a girls day out and it was worth going there again. Everyone was so nice, and it would be fun to explore the store. We made a beautiful layout, and began work on Tim Holtz Configurations, Pam has everything you need!1 I remade my box in the middle of the night so I will post some pictures latter.

Our wonderful, funny and as sweet as pie was Rosalie and her daughter Kelly owns the scrapbook store in Columbus. Also, a wonderful place. Roselie opened the store on our way home for me to buy some more things...these little stores in the country get the inventory before the big stores.So, Im in hog heaven. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STORES...they are the ones with the knowlwdge and your friends.

Looks like I will be makinf=g the boxes until Tim Holtz runs out of them...just found my mother in law Gloria Jeans sewing items...never knew this wonderful lady but I plan to honor her with a special collage box.

Robert..its happening again...need more wall space this time..its for your familys you think 4500 square feet out to do it this time? I promise you a closet for your bowling balls....can we move again, it is a good cause...I'm for serious!!!!

On the agenda....girls day out and Configurations at my house.....we are also making baby James Raleigh a box to honor his name sake Mr. James Raleigh Goad

Luv ya

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  1. It was a honor to meet you in person and can't wait till we get together with you teaching a class here at Craft Crossing. By the way from Fry Rd in Katy to my shop is 1.45 minutes easy. I go to the doctor there. Use the cruise control and go for it!! LOL Stop at The Silly Stamper on the way home!!! Yee-ha! Where is the pic of the box???