Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It is almost 3 AM again and I already am up. I just pop up and want to do something, thou I am tired. So, let me share this funny story. My husband really likes the Curio and he wants me to start collecting miniatures of all sorts of things so I can make Curios for Christmas, but not 2011, for 2012! He knows they are time consuming and the pieces need to have meaning, so that is why the target goal is 2012. Ok, I usually do make alot of gifts, but this is asking alot. He doesn't understand...but why argue, it will give me almost 2 years of excuses...I can't cook tonight...I am working on the Curio for Aunt Betty. Sorry honey.....can you do the wash, Im very I need to actually search for stuff, that is not easy either because it really has to be small, dollhouse size but the pieces need to have some kind of personal meaning......thats even harder.....hunny can you vacuum so I can find little things with meaning!
I want to make one for Cuter now but he doesn't understand that I know it is not a toy...he doesn't think Cutter will either...I said it is going on his wall...Robert said a US map should go on Cutters wall.

I am sure I will make a Curio for Cutters room now, but it will still give me almost 2 years of excuses...hmmm..heee heee...think I can get away with a maid! Yes dear, if I am devoting my time to searching for the rigth miniatures, there will be no time for dusting,,,,arm over head, sort of a fainting life is rough dear, I am working!

Luv ya

Sherri husband is great and he will really pitch in to help, he always has. He loves when I put my love into him that is what tradition is all about, and for most of our years together, I have made things for all the family. I am thinking we will be having a wedding in the very near future for our daughter, so in addition I will need to make her a wedding album. I am still working on the album for baby Sierra...the album pages are finished, just need her pictures...she only was born in August, my sweet little baby girl!
Luv ya twice

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