Monday, March 3, 2014

To : my bead partner

Hi, partner.

I really can t wait to meet you.  I have never done this before but I am so excited.  I want to do my best but I also want your soup to be special, to match you or enhance you.  I have already been throwing things in, just for the fun of it.  I really will not create my "mix" until I meet you....oh, I can't wait!  I already am thinking of you as a new sister....

A little about me...just a little. I try to experiment and create different things but regardless of how long it takes, if I don't like   it...out it goes.  I am not so crazy as all the same beads have to be in the same box, but I am organized and force myself to do things that are un symmetrical...that is hard for me. I teach jewelry design because I have a true passion to see people learn, they are so proud of themselves and it opens new doors.

My first  experimenting was with  crochet wire necklaces and really had a following.   I saw something very unusual, liked it, researched it, and just spent weeks making and making necklaces until I found the exact precision to make it outstanding. I really love them, but have moved on.  People can get in a rut and in trying to find perfection, forget about everything else.

I do scrapbooking quite seriously...I have a room set for it, bursting at the seams.  My jewelry is stored in that room and my dining room.  My crafts take over the house.  I forgot how to cook and clean.  Just lost from my brain..

I love bright colors and mixing strange combos...I think purple and teal are just the coolest house isn't decorated that way,  but lots of décor for showing are those colors.  I hate brown/brown and orange.  When I was 16 I had 3 pairs of jeans...jean jeans, black and brown.  Every  week end when I went out with my steady boyfriend, if I wore the brown jeans, we would fight.  Took me a while to analyze it was the jeans, particularly BROWN.  My Mom once bought me a brown sweater...she said she knew I hated brown, but it was so pretty she couldn't help it.  I gave it away, unworn.  When my older boys were babies, I bought some brown jeans, I cringed when they wore them.....I threw them away.

My true education is in medical, but I am tired of seeing people die.  I need to spend my days being creative and happy...I have recently finished school as a Baby Planner, (the Houston baby, studies additionally in Green and healthy living, Nutrition, Safety.  I am almost finished with a Degree in Interior Design....I was hoping to be able to add Nursery Design to my business, but I am stuck at the end only because my passion goes beyond that, I love designing for all rooms.

I live in Texas, originally from NY.  My husband is a Texan, married 10 years.  We have grown kids...we are raising a 7 year old boy.  I am a soccer Mom again.

And after all this, my dear partner, I will bet you don't know me any just think I am weird....don't you?
Leave me a comment and we will be in can PM me on facebook also.  So excited to meet you, my new sister.
(I am not really weird) but reading it back I sounds it.......


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    1. Thank you Lori, feel this is an honor to have you comment on my page!

  2. I think I know why comment did not post. ..yesterday there was not a captcha option.
    I think your post is awesome. ..I love it.

  3. So glad to hear from my partner.....