Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My partner is Sonya Stille

My partner in Bead Soup.......
I always try to find co incidence in my life, maybe I read into it sometimes, but sometimes it is obvious. My bead partner and I share the same initial (I used to share her last initial as well but we won't go there)  I was almost born in Augusta, GA and she is from there.  We both have boys, both have a 7 year old, I think we are both red headed.
We like the same colors, jewel tones, brights  and neutrals, and we both like to wear black.  Sonya and  I both  like to work with chain.  I am wanting to learn Viking knit and she has played with it and would like to try more.
I can't wait until we get our soup.  I am just adding some spice right now to hers  and giving it a last minute stir.  I am waiting to seal the jar as soon as the ingredients settle. pictures will be posted all along the way.  From here until reveal day, just work and fun.
This is so nice to read about her (I have copied right from her e mail to me, as she and her husband deserve so much admiration for their spirit and what they do)    
We are getting ready for our Turkey Hunt.  Not sure if I told you already, but my Husband, Keith, and I started a non-profit organization about 2 years ago called Hunting For The Cure.  We live in the country in White Plains, Georgia.  We have 600 acres and live in a hunting lodge that has 13 bedrooms.  Hunting for the Cure hosts various events where families with a child that has  or has recovered from cancer come and participate.  We invite the entire family including siblings.  All events are free of cost and include lodging and all meals.  In November we have a deer hunt and this month is our first turkey hunt.  We have 14 children coming to this  hunt.  On Saturday we have a Christian band coming to play for some fun and praise and worship.  Any way these events are great fun but lots of work.

This is a piece that Sonya designed! 
Just beautiful!
Please stay tuned to my blog as we progress...this whole experience is amazing!

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  1. What a lovely blog post. Yes I am a red head...Although not natural, don't tell. I agree we do have many things in common.