Saturday, March 8, 2014

I have my partner

Finally got my partner.  The group leader is very sick and it took a bit longer to have all the partners assigned.  Poor Lori is just so ill and trying to do all this and get thru each day.  Her husband Rick really helped her so much and they both need to be applauded.  They assigned more than 400 people, quite a bit were international.

My partner is from Augusta, GA.  I find it really funny that although my parents were from NY, I was almost born in Augusta.  My Dad was stationed in the army there after he and Mom married.  I find that to be a  curious, and her name also begins with "S".....been trying to find that extra diamond "S" I bought years ago, but can not find it!

Well I am getting my soup together to send her.  I can't post what I sent until she gets it...but I hope she will like it.  As it is my first time, its all new to me...but I will keep you informed as we go along.

I want you to all tune in for the big reveal day as you will be able to navigate all 400 blogs and hopefully (my students) will find inspiration and use it as a learning experience!

Regards to all,


please leave me a message to say you were here.....

I am also working on a big Interior Design project with a Western theme    ( I am in the right place for that!)

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