Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Day, 2015

I guess girls never change.  We had planned for two months that we were going to this Rodeo fundraiser  with my brother and sister in law.  I decided what I wanted to wear, and actually had it made for me.  I designed a necklace and got boots.  Robert got  new jeans, shirt, and a hat (LOL) that I wanted him to bring back.!

So I planned to get my haircut, and she cut my bangs too short.  I was not going to go to the thing
because of it.  I guess I stretched my hair because three days latter it wasn't that bad.  But the night we were getting ready, my son tells me how ugly my dress is!  I put on my necklace, and it doesn 't look good with the dress.  I put on four more and change it a fifth in the car (took a handful to switch and check as we are driving)  I put on a slip (who even has them anymore) and my husband said it was hanging below my dress, change that.  The boots were loose so I put on some high socks and they were showing, changed that.  Surely wasn't sure if the purse was right so switched that around.

I really planned everything in advance but it just fell apart, one thing after another.  I was really feeling nervous and doubting all my choices.

We had a disagreement on what driving route to take.

My phone suddenly dies and we stopped and bought yet another phone charger (I had to do a few selfies to publish on my scrapbook page)  (give me a break here!)

We get to the place and I have one drink of red wine (I had not eaten all day) and suddenly everything was just a little dulled, my feet didn't even hurt...I was walking on air....all the silly stuff was just a mere memory away.....I guess I was finally relaxed and we had fun!
Have a great week end,
Luv ya

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