Friday, October 4, 2013

Bon Voyage


Bon Voyage

by  Sherri Levinton

This card is created with Geckogalz ephemera from the TRAVEL ON sheet.


I started with a heavy sheet of craft paper and cut it to 6 x 12, and scored it in the center, inked it with Tim Holtz  Brushed corduroy.  Prepare all the layers and assemble at the end  My image is cut and secured to 3.5 x3.5 black square.  Next layer is Burgundy  Tim Holtz  shattered kraft core, embossed with Anna Griffins folder Poppy, then cut to 4.5x4.5 and sand .

I used a powder blue scrap, cut to 5x5, save additional scrap of same 5x 1/2, ink edges.  From a blue printed paper (mine had a blue and burgundy small scale print) cut ( 2 ) 1x12 strips and  score at 1/4 intervals.  Lay out piece of 5.5  double sided tape, bend strips on itself to form accordion fringe, attach to back  blue   layer on right side with additional double sided  tape, trim to fit. 


·         From a burlap fabric (found mine in the fall section of the craft store or even in the scrapbook section)  cut a piece 2x6 and a smidge, ink.  Apply double sided tape to top of card front of card and lay fabric, trimming and pulling some string to get a shabby look, bottom edge will be loose but that adds to the shabby look

·         Adhere all layers in order

·         I used the reserve scrap of blue to fill the gap on left fold

·         Staple layers at top

·         Lastly, take scrap of burlap about 6x 1/2 or more, knot, pull strand to look shabby and attach to bottom of card with a hatpin.  Trim edges


my blog will have step by step pics .....card is really cute and goes quick!



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