Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Circle of Beauty

Gecko galz beautiful ladies wreath collage

Circle of Beauty

My plan was to make a simple frames using the Beautiful ladies dominos, but it mushroomed to something bigger than I imagined.

I cut out cardstock flowers in 3 sizes and 4 colors.  Then I decided to wet emboss them with pigment ink and used some Utee.

So now I cut tags in some heavy weight cardstock and us Tim Holtz inks and techniques to color the tags.

I even cut a few tags from C'ordinations and dry embossed them.   I pulled out flowers, gems, lace, ink and what not and start putting the pieces together.  They are all cool on their own but what should I do with them.  They are already overpowering for a frame! 

I cut my Dominoes apart and ink the edges and start getting to know them better.   

So now my little sections are coming together, and it seems I can only make it into a collage, Now I buy pre-made   big circle of chipboard, cover it with paper, and start arranging my ladies in a pleasing pattern.  I use a combination of double sides tape and hot glue to arrive at my Circle of now I can get my inspiration from looking at my beautiful ladies sitting on my desk!

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  1. love your idea for a circle of ladies--this looks wonderful!