Saturday, February 12, 2022

And suddenly it is 2022!

My son is now 15 and driving with a permit, and he is already picking cars (for me to buy).  Cars currently are very had to find as here is a chip shortage, and used cars are more than new ones.  We can't win!

Now I am into Gel plate printing and can't get enough. I use the paintings on my greeting cards. I also started to use the Glimmer plate system and incorporate that into my cards. I just can't find time to clean my house and de clutter, but we are all still alive.  I also started making

books during Covid, and very excited how that is coming along!  I sill design for Precious Baby and Pool Guard, doing all the social media stuff.

 Well, our two Senior cats have died in the last few weeks and that is sad. We only have the sweetest "Man" Coon to keep life entertaining!

Our boy has decided that BOWLING is his thing and is exceeding all our expectations!  He truly is a gift from G-D that we are so proud of.  Yes, teenagers are a pain in the butt, but this one is our star.  He is still growing, we think   6ft 3 inches is quite enough for us, but he is still growing!

until next time../


Friday, April 24, 2020

Remembering a Poppy

I just learned to make Poppy's and I love how they turned out.  What flowers do you like?  Do you want to learn how to make some?

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Beauty in the mist

We are in the middle of the Covid19 Virus.  The world is staying home, social distancing, wearing masks and dying!  School has been closed since March, the kids do it online and it will be closed the rest of this school year.

I don't want to get out of bed, everyday is the same.  Oh, did I mention that besides Medical personnel, no one is working!

But I opened my back door and this awesome specimen was alive on my Magnolia tree.  The one that my husband had planted for me when we bought this house ten years ago, the one that was so little and now is towering above our home, yes that one....I got a ladder to get to the beautiful flower so I could share it's innocent beauty.  For you to have a smile and imagine the beautiful perfume that is has scented the humid air with.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

I guess I have too many blogs and too many jobs but I never forgot about you.  Just busy working.  I love you, Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

All About Me

I currently live in Katy, TX which is
a town not far from Houston.
I was born in NY, moved to NJ at about 16
and always wanted to be a Fashion Designer.
At 4 I was drawing girls and clothes, and at 6 I cut all my newborn baby brothers diapers to make
Barbie clothes, and sold them!

By the time I was 14, I was the oldest of 5 children.

But moving to a different state at 16 was really
hard and my dreams of living in the dorm at
either Pratt Institute or FIT were squashed by
out of state fees.  So like a bratty teenager, I
abandoned my wishes and choose a different field.

So I became an Imaging Tech, which used to be known
as an X ray tech.  I worked many years in Doctors offices and hospitals.
Recently I worked at a small hospital that did finally go bankrupt, but I saw so much sadness and death that I decided I needed a change.

During all this time I married, had 2 sons, and divorced.
  I remarried the love of my life Robert, about 16 years ago. Robert is very supportive of all my dabblings.
We have a little boy who is now 13. He has grown so much this last 
year, we just can't believe.  He loves basketball, and hopes
to be a NBA player one day.

But something was always missing and I dabbled
in different forms of art...painting, designing jewelry,
t shirt designing, personalized Christmas ornaments,
and I hit the jackpot on scrapbooking. I have such enjoyment from designing photo books that record my life.
I have enough paper to fill a 3000 square foot home, floor to ceiling!.

My Dad died May 30, 2019 and my depression was just
thru the roof.  All Summer I just got thru the days.  In August,
just as school was starting I found a new passion.  I began making flower
arrangement with tiny little flowers that I made with dies.
They are designed by a Susan Tierney Cockburn.  This started 
to help get my depression in check, and created lots
of layouts for Christmas gifts. But I love these little paper 
flowers and pretty much have been dedicated to learning all the flowers
and how to make them.

I taught classes at Michaels.  I really enjoy this
and love teaching other people,  When a woman
learns to do things on her own, she has such a sense
of accomplishment.

So in my quest to find "me" I went back to school several times. I became a Baby
Planner, became interested in Green Living.  Then to go along with Baby Planning, I thought
it would be an enhancement to be able to design Nursery's,
so jumped head into a 4 year degree in Interior Design!  I just finished
that and might be doing a little Designing on the side.  I did get my degree in all aspects of
Interior Design, not just for the baby.

Did it again!

So, again I am missing in action.  I have been really busy and just forgot all responsibilities...

I have a new venture and it is selling LuLaRoe,  I signed up on January 18, and I got my onboarding call yesterday, March 01.  So I am really excited about doing this.  I hope will visit my sight and I am going to do some cross posting (not cross dressing)>

LuLaRoe  Sherri Levinton VIP...join my facebook group, will be glad to have you
Talk to you soon, I promise


And suddenly it is 2022!

My son is now 15 and driving with a permit, and he is already picking cars (for me to buy).  Cars currently are very had to find as here is ...